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Converter for make text to image.

Convert text to image. It helps to shorten working time for character group adjustment.

  • When sending long sentences (schedule etc.)
  • Engrave the word you want to look back on lock screen
  • Tweets that exceed the limit character of Twitter

Measure of size

The screen width and height (px) of the main device.

A4(72dpi) 595×842
iPhone 7 plus ,8 plus 1080×1920
iPhone 7 ,8 750×1334
iPad Pro 9.7 ,iPad mini4 1536×2048


How to use

taxtate is an easy and simple generator.

If you want to quickly create an email address or Twitter account image, you don't have to start Photoshop. Of course, it can be used not only for short sentences but also for long texts that are reviewed many times.

For example, when sending a travel plan to a companion on SNS, it is useful to be able to look back. It is good to set your goals or determinations on the lock screen and create a habit of admonishing each time you look at your smartphone.

Advantages of using images

Proper combination of text colors and typefaces can supplement the context of the text. Doing so makes it easier to understand and makes it easier for people to remember.

It is better to keep your words short to be noticed. It is effective to use a high-visibility color scheme such as red and white for a thick font with impact. Also recommended are candy and white.

If readability is important, there is no need to do anything strange. For a simple typeface, white is appropriate for the ground, and black is appropriate for text.